Caribbean Cruise Line: Scam Artists Rely on Distraction
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Caribbean Cruise Line: Scam Prevention for Travel

Caribbean Cruise Line: Scam FAQ

Caribbean Cruise Line: Scam Avoidance

Scam AvoidanceAccording to discount vacation provider Caribbean Cruise Line, scam artists are everywhere in the travel industry. Although many may perpetuate false claims regarding a scam, this company urges individuals to use caution and protect themselves during their adventures. In addition, those who are looking for safe and secure discount travel opportunities can refer to this company to select from a wide array of destinations, including resorts and cruises in Florida and the Bahamas.

The Difference between a Scam and a Good Deal

One of the most important factors when it comes to avoiding scams is having the ability to decipher between a good deal, and one that is just too good to prove true. Many scams circulate and grab the attention of individuals, because they present the promise of fortune or goods at an incredibly good rate. Good deals, on the other hand, are simply times when a company presents their customers with a chance to get an exceptional discount or free giveaway. Most of the time, these good deals are differentiated from scams, because they provide a solid explanation and details regarding the purchase.

Common Internet Scams

Scam artists do not just prey on travel industry consumers—they penetrate every market to make the most of their efforts. Unfortunately, the Internet—although it has become an invaluable resource in today’s society—has made it much easier for con artists to prey on uninformed individuals. Here are a few scams that seem to remain popular on the Internet today:

  • Nigerian Scam E-mail

Many versions of the “Nigerian Prince” scam have circulated through e-mail inboxes for years. This common scam comes from individuals that claim they have access to an incredibly high fortune that they need the recipient’s help to receive. Although the stories that “back up” these claims vary, they always almost entail wild stories about imprisonment, deposed royalty, legal fees or lost treasure. If the recipient believes these claims, they may end up sending a great deal of money through a money transfer, never receiving any of what was promised to them in the initial e-mail. These scams take many forms and are not always limited to Nigeria.

  • Online Dating Scams

While the Internet has brought a lot of romance to hopeful individuals, there are many who prey on wealthy, single individuals. These scams are very personal, as they often involve a lot of communication between the scam artist and the online dater. Over time, the con artist may gain trust of the individual and seek out monetary compensation. The best way to avoid these scams is to try to meet potential dates as soon as possible, or at least have a phone call to verify that they are a real person.

  • Craigslist Scams

Craigslist is a great resource for individuals who are looking for jobs, used goods, new cars and even romance. However, the site clearly warns against the potential for scam artists. Victims of these scams usually believe they are buying a car or another item at an incredibly low price, but must send a money transfer to receive it. It is best to avoid money transfers with unknown persons and to meet sellers in person before making the transaction. According to Caribbean Cruise Line, scam artists may also promise unrealistic travel bargains through the same measures.

Those who are looking for jobs may also find a great deal of false opportunities as they push their resumes and cover letters through career listings on the website. In these scams, an individual applies to a job listing and receives a very generic e-mail that says he or she is qualified for the position. If the individual accepts, they are usually asked to complete a series of tasks since their new boss is “away.” The “boss” in turn sends them a faulty check in the mail, and once the individual cashes the check, the individual may gain access to a bank account, compromising the victim’s funds. In addition, the victim will typically find that they are faced with the repercussions cashing a false check.

Caribbean Cruise Line: Scam Victimization is Preventable

This discount travel company cares about its customers and consumers all over the world, and aims to help individuals better understand the nature of scams, so that individuals are no longer victimized. Luckily, there are many ways that people can protect themselves from becoming the victims of a scam.

  • Education

By reading about common Internet scams, individuals are taking the first step in scam defense. Learning how to identify the nature of a “good deal” and a “scam” is an incredibly useful ability. While identifying some of these common scams may seem like common sense, people continue to get victimized by them every day.

  • Do a Search

If one receives an e-mail that just does not sit right with them, or contains a deal that seems too good to prove true, then there is a way to find out. Simply copy the content of the original message and paste it into a popular search engine. If the content is not unique and is the base of a scam, the search will results will reveal how others have become victims of the scam. If it is a genuine e-mail, then the message will most likely not show up on scam prevention message boards.

  • Keep Direct Contact

Internet scams are so successful, because they do not require direct contact between the con artist and the victim. Although an individual may seem genuine or post images of him or herself, there is never a guarantee that it is really them. Those who believe that are targeted by a job application scam, should first make sure the company or employer is real and open to contact. Online dating scams are avoidable if both parties establish connection via phone or video chat, or have a date in person.

Finding the Truth

It is imperative to keep direct contact and to read all stipulations of agreements, to understand the nature behind a “good deal” or a scam. For instance, there are many consumers who continue to post false claims of a “Caribbean Cruise Line Scam,” leading many to believe that the company is illegitimate. However, if customers contact and refer to the travel company directly, they will find that Caribbean is an honest business that offers great deals. In order to find out whether a travel deal, or any deal for that matter, is legitimate, all it takes is a little bit of thorough research to see all sides. According to Caribbean Cruise Line, scam claims that originate online may contain false information and mislead others to believing a deal is a scam.

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